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Nightwish Personel

Sami Vanska (View : 2680)
Finland 26-09-1976
Instrument : Bass
Sami vanska is the bassist former of Finnish Symphonic Power Metal Band, Nightwish. He start playing bass as a private study. He has played in few band mostly from the metal genre.

Nattvindens Grat
He started his career in the band Nattvindens Grat, with Tuomas Holopainen. He made 2 albums, A Bard's Tale (1995), Chaos Without Theory (1997) and a demo, Dar Svanar Flyger (1995), with them.

He joined Nightwish for their second studio album, Oceanborn. He played on the following tour, on Wishmaster and on the tour afterwards. He also played bass on Over the Hills and Far Away right before Tuomas Holopainen, band leader, song writer and keyboardist, asked the band's manager, Ewo Rytkonen, to tell Vanska to leave Nightwish, when he felt that the musical differences between the two men were posing a threat to the band. He was soon replaced by session member Marco Hietala, former bassist of Sinergy, who also sings male vocals. Marco Hietala became a fulltime member sometime during the recording of Century Child.

Root Remedy
Vanska has played in the blues band Root Remedy after leaving Nightwish. He recorded three albums with them, Medication Time With, Root Remedy and The Crawler. He quit the band in 2008 and has not started a new project yet.

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