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Base Jam is a band formed on January 15, 1994. Their personnel formation originally consisted of Adon Saptowo (Vocals), Sigit Wardana (Vocals), Adnil Faisal (Guitar), Ardi "Aris" Isnandar (Guitar), Bambang "BS" Sutanto (Drums), Intan "Anya" Putri Werdiniadi (Keyboard) and Ardhini "Sita" Citrasari (Bass). It all started with the seventeen events, brothers Aris (guitar) and Sita (bass) as well as their cousins, Enya (guitar), and Sigit (vocals), were offered to perform at the Seventeen event held by the Jasa Marga office, which at the time that they were employees of the company, in July 1993. In mid-1994, Enya and Arif resigned. To fill this void, Adnil (Arif's younger brother) was chosen as a guitar player. With this formation, Base Jam is back on track. They were selected as the General Band Champion in the grand final of a similar music competition. Since then, Base Jam began to frequently fill events at school, campus, cafes, and radio shows. Like other bands, these seven young men try to compose their own songs. Sita's father, who happens to know Harry Sabar, takes them to "study" with him. With the help of this senior musician, the band successfully created four songs and recorded them on demo. In 1995, PT Musica Studio's was interested in the demo song material and submitted a cooperation contract for four albums. Their debut album, Bermimpi was successfully released in mid-1996. The name Base Jam was immediately reckoned as the most successful newcomer band that year. During its development, it seems that the band's personnel were moved to be more serious about playing music. In an effort to build a more solid band, they invited Anya to join as a keyboard player. Following later, BS (drums), Adon (vocals), and Arif (background vocals). With this formation, they made their first appearance at the Department of Public Works event in November 1993. At that time they still carried the name JM's KIDS (Jasa Marga Children). The name Base Jam was officially used on January 15, 1994. The word Base was taken from the initials of the eight personnel, while 'Jam' could mean Jasa Marga or Jam Session. The name Base Jam apparently brought a blessing, because that year they also won the title of best talent in an event organized by Prambors radio. Biography Base Jam first signed a contract with PT. Musica Studios, and released their first album, Dreaming (1996) and the second album 2 (1997), and the third album Ti3a (1998). Next in 1999, Base Jam experienced a personnel crisis after releasing the album Ti3a, Adnil Farsal (guitar) and Intan "Anya" Putri Werdiniadi (Keyboard) decided to resign from Base Jam. Before Adnil and Anya resigned, Base Jam had won several satisfying achievements. They have been selected as the Most Wanted Band Anteve, MTV Video Music Award 1999. The song Bukan Pujangga was chosen as the best song at the Indonesian Music Award (1999) and won the Favorite Video Clip category for the Indonesian Music Video version (February 1999). Followed by BS who decided to take a musical hiatus for a while because of practicing drums, but Base Jam did not die of creativity, after the resignation of 2 of its personnel Base Jam released their 4th album called Sinergi Base Jam Emp4t (2000), on the album-12. 4 Base Jam collaborates with other singers and musicians, one of which is Iwa K. The vacant position for Base Jam's guitar which had been left by Adnil was then filled by Christopher "Coki" Bollemeyer. This guy who graduated from Guitar Institute of Technology, Hollywood was appointed as a permanent member of Base Jam after a year Coki became an additional player. Coki started joining Base Jam on the 5th album Dari Hati (2001) replacing Adnil Farsal (Guitar), but only one album later also left and decided to join Netral in 2002. Coki's position was then filled with the return of the former Adnil Farsal. guitarist. After the 5th album was released one year later 2001-2002 Base Jam released The Best of Base Jam 1994-2002 which contained the best collections of Base Jam and there were 2 (two) new songs and as their single, With You Without You and hits single Rain Without Clouds. One year later, base jam released their sixth album entitled Dua Sisi (2003) which was the last album before Sigit Wardana chose to leave and join Nufa Band and pursue a solo career. Bambang Sutanto alias BS chose to leave because he has worked in the graphic and culinary design fields. However, there were also those who joined, namely Oni Fathoni (guitar) and Wally (Drums - ex-Jun Fan Gung Foo) who joined to fill the void left by Coki (guitar) and BS (Drums) since 2002. Base Jam vacum for several years, Adon Saptowo is busy with a solo career for his spiritual album, Ardhi "Aris" Isnandar is busy with lectures, and their respective personnel.

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Dua Sisi is the sixth music album by Base Jam. Released in 2003. Its main song is The Last Hugs.
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Ti3a is Base Jam's third music album. Released in 1998. The main song is Bukan Pujangga.
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Mimpi is the first music album by Base Jam. Released in 1996. Its main song is Mimpi.
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